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" A little folk, a little rock, and a lot of heart! That's what you get from Justin Lacroix ” 

- London Free Press



Winnipeg’s bilingual singer-songwriter Justin Lacroix infuses the timeless sounds of blues, folk and roots-rock into a soulful experience. Through his stories of love, loss and life on the road, Justin shares a message of optimism and connection to the world around him.

Justin first emerged in 2005 with his first solo album Boogieman. He followed up with 3 solo albums and 2 albums and 2 EPs recorded with his band. His latest solo acoustic album Sweet Time of Mine was released February 18th, 2018 and was recorded with his long-time friend and bandmate, Joël Perreault.

Nominated for both WCMA (2016) and Trille Or (2017) awards, Justin has engaged with festival audiences from coast to coast and in Europe, including Live from the Rock (Red Rock, ON), Festival du Voyageur (Winnipeg, MB), Snow King Festival (Yellowknife, NWT), Festival OFF Avignon (Avignon, France) and in 2017: Pride Festival, Trout Forest Music Festival, South Country Fair (AB) , Edmonton Chant’ (AB), Hay Days Festival, Dauphin Country Fest as well as the Canada Summer Games. 




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Welcome to Sweet Time of Mine! 

Joël Perreault and I have been making music together for the better half of our lives with our band and as a duo. Playing these new songs on the road, we were often playing them in an acoustic format so we decided it would be great to share that sound in an acoustic album.  When we decided to record these songs in our burgeoning studio, it felt like the dream was playing out just as it should and Sweet Time of Mine was born. 


Produced by:      Justin Lacroix & Joël Perreault                 

Recorded at:      New Moon Studios     

All songs by:       Justin Lacroix ( © Justin Lacroix 2017 )

Performed by:     Justin Lacroix (Vocals,  Acoustic guitar)    

                        Joël Perreault (Vocals,  Acoustic and Resonator guitars, Banjo)

Mix/Master by:   Jamie Sitar at Outta Town Sound     

Artwork by:        Rob Rozycki



ONE-PAGER (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wrqm2zl1ptfykrc/AACbW4A4bX1D8lsjktGRKW6aa?dl=0)

DOWNLOAD ALBUM (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fvljjcfg2znktr7/AADcWIYOjwPseYC_LaQA1MWda?dl=0)

ALBUM ART (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ya6kb4yoan0mca2/AAATq4J7c4cnnMVoqf4kXIdQa?dl=0)



Website : www.justinlacroix.com 

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